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Token sale completed on 15 December
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We have created an Idea to make economic instruments easier, to produce crypto markets better, to create a reference point for community.
The idea is simple and understandable, let’s introduce the very first blockchain based Crypto-Index “A-TOKEN” (ATKN).
First issues first. We think a lot of you have got heard about “S&P 500”. What are S&P? It’s an American inventory markets index on the basis of the market capitalizations of 500 big companies having common stock detailed on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ.
We have explored the way the many popular and profitable index works, and compared it to blockchain industry and cryptocurrencies. We recreated the calculation method. We were making the large amount of researches and consulting.
We created brand-new futures economic asset especially for crypto industry – The A-TOKEN Index! The skills of trading and professional money management are offering us a guarantee to not lose all money even if all markets will immediately fall or being “dumping”! We know how to operate with volatility on different areas, be yes, Index is considered the most common method to invest or trade!
A-TOKEN is easy. You can receive it and hold or perhaps you can sell it on exchange. It are simple to understand! Imagine you have $100 and you wish to invest in crypto currency, if you get only one currency it could fail. You may end up buying a few of different currencies, it is diversification, but two remain not safe! In addition, you’ll have to pay fees to exchanges and banks. When you get A-TOKEN you’re owner of great amount of different cryptocurrencies from different companies, issues are minimal!

Token Sale: 10 October — 15 December
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