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Token sale completed on 25 December
1,792,500 USD
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Amazon in digital marketing! Adpump Blockchain Affiliate Marketplace is a decentralized tracking marketplace with all the list of CPA advertisers whom pay fix payment to Adpump for tracking platform usage. Adpump Blockchain Affiliate Marketplace is not simply another CPA system or performance tracking system. We are the platform with advertisers throughout the entire world with the offers of different groups; currently writers open access to statistics and fast anonymous (if needed) payment. We also have actually our currency – ADP tokens by which publishers can buy traffic from our partners. Our international aim would be to be an original item – completely transparent Blockchain Affiliate Marketplace. We wish to embed a new structure of traffic buying in ADP tokens all over the globe as it becomes clear that familiar CPA marketing and advertising model loses its ground.

Token Sale: 13 November — 25 December
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