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Token sale completed on 31 March
4,119,999.999 USD 6,000,000 USD 68666%
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AERUM try an infrastructure project aiming at developing Fintech practical Blockchain suitable for Ethereum – a high-performance, scalable, decentralized system for financial B2B and B2C applications designated to power decentralized economies . AERUM’s mission try to provide a complete and ready-to-use practical infrastructure for building and utilizing dApps, while having quick and free deals for end-users, high scalability and throughput, decentralized on-chain governance, built-in atomic swap mechanisms for transferring and exchanging assets with more blockchains (currently Ethereum-later others is going to be added), a full suite of computer software tools for clients (feature-rich internet and mobile wallets), dApps operators (middleware) and liquidity providers (middleware).

Token Sale: 01 January — 31 March
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