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AI PowerBrain.Shop

PowerBrain.Shop® is a One-Stop-Artificial-Intelligence-Shop providing Blockchain token based modular, standardized and flexible AI PowerBrain™ technology and equipment helping organizations across all industries to effortlessly implement high quality AI solutions which optimize their core business processes and help their transformation to more sustainable 21st century businesses.
PowerBrain.Shop®’s AI technology helps organisations be more creative, drive newer innovations while focusing on adding stakeholder and societal value. We accelerate AI implementation and deployment – easily and everywhere – with your One-Stop-Shop for AI – The PowerBrain.Shop®. It could be the world’s first ‘farm and schooling system’ for AI PowerBrains™.
Through intense customer engagement and technology peer recommendations, our team of world-class AI developing experts, with over 150 years of combined enjoy, has developed a suite of B2B AI equipment and AI PowerBrains™ for different AI application scenarios.
Leveraging AI software designs considering industry best practice, Blockchain technology, Machine Learning and prior AI knowledge, our AI PowerBrains™ architecture are unparalleled in its security, scalability, portability and flexibility. AI PowerBrains™ is built to focus on all platforms and integrate with the current AI deep technologies like Quantum and Cloud Computing which maximizes performance and capabilities while minimizing execution time and overall time-to-market.
Our options is:
– Increased AI execution efficiency, simplifying the method and eliminating repetitive steps while ensuring interoperability and adaptability.
– Reduced time to advertise due to fast and standards built rapid prototyping and productive implementation considering PB.S’s PowerBrains™.
– Reduced cost for the AI project implementation including preparing, design, implementation and classes of the AI.
– Reduced dependency on scarce computer software development experts for AI computer software projects.
– Reduced cost for AI training and maintenance as a result of standardized tools like PB.S-IDE™.
– Improved AI quality as PowerBrains™ are likely to become developed on finest computer software quality standards and hardened in several customer projects.
– Independence of AI Cloud Service services due to various flexible implementation alternatives.
– Reduced deal fees for AI solutions due to scaling capabilities and synergy effects.
– Utility Token based crypto-currency payments for PB.S‘s professional offerings.

Token Sale: 15 April — 29 September
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