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Token sale completed on 01 August
Goal: 500 000 USD
Aigo (AIGO)

The Aigo blockchain ecosystem integrates the Aigo Platform, the AigoStore, and the Aigo Community, offering delivery to a productive network of technology pioneers and their intelligent private, personal assistants. A community of private individuals whom choose to control their particular data, experiences, and fate – and perhaps not to become beholden to mega-corporations. A visionary community that seeks to use, create, own, and trade intelligence for the benefit of all. The three synergistic elements of the ecosystem, the Aigo Platform, the AigoStore, as well as the Aigo Community, are anchored by our blockchain and connected through exchange of AigoTokens. An advantage of our ecosystem is that applications, abilities, and improvements are built on a typical cleverness motor core, permitting them become combined seamlessly. Contrast this with a conventional app store where each application stands alone, not interacting or integrating with any other people. Or, compare it to chatbot frameworks like Alexa, where each skill works in isolation and competes with Amazon’s core functionality. Both of these examples highlight key problems designers face on current platforms: narrow, limited energy and absence of re-use or ‘stickiness’.’s approach establishes a new paradigm for providing highly contextual and integrated consumer experiences which can be hyper-personalized and consistently grow and expand in the long run.

Token Sale: 10 July — 01 August
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