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AIGO Protocol (AIGO)

Token sale completed on 01 August
Goal: 500 000 USD
AIGO Protocol (AIGO)

At present, you will find many hurdles that prevent the buy of merchandise with cryptocurrency if the owner do not convert to fiat currency. Adopting many crypto payment sites such as AIGO-Payment can cause cryptocurrency holders to be able to transact straight with traders and never have to go through additional banking layers. By advertising protocols for higher and big transaction volume industries.
For cryptocurrency become successful over time, it requires to become a core facet of the ecosystem it represents. The AI-Payment ecosystem is going to be built totally around the functionality of AIGOPay Tokens. AIGO's goal are to create a regular “De-jure & De-Facto”. AIGO-payment for contemporary repayments by adopting stronger economic token help.
AIGO is rebuilding the repayment space with flexibility and ease of use of bank cards for blockchain tech. AIGO is developing a complete payment system which includes specifications in the commercial world. Expand and raise your repayment options and start following the cryptocurrency nowadays. AIGO-Payment is created for direct transfer of value between the two events, without having to proceed through an intermediary (P2P). The basic type of this deal are “Push”, although this gal may become sufficient as a POC for cryptocurrency, that is definitely very sufficient to have them to utilize payments using digital currencies for contemporary trade.

Token Sale: 10 July — 01 August
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