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Token sale completed on 19 June
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Airbloc (ABL)

Airbloc is a blockchain-based, decentralized and clear advert knowledge buying and selling community and a DAPP. In Airbloc, adverts can develop into a helpful piece of knowledge, not a noise. This is as a result of customers can configure sorts of adverts to be seen and to not be seen on Airbloc’s Main Client Service. Based on customers’ choice configured, Airbloc ecosystem will permit a clear buying and selling of each knowledge and advert exposures. Airbloc will problem 'ABL tokens' as means to purchase and promote knowledge and advert exposures. This token can be utilized as a compensation to reward particular person customers, the info suppliers, and may also be a method of cost to the info shoppers.

Token Sale: 19 June — 19 June
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