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AlphaMarket (AMC)

Trading & Investments
Token sale completed on 01 October
Goal: 7,859,520 USD
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AlphaMarket (AMC)

AlphaMarket are a crypto-trading system, enabling buyers and vendors from around the world to find each other and make safe transactions in the Blockchain environment. Free keeping of merchandise, the possibility of multi-cryptocurrency transactions, promotions, bonuses, cashback and many more helpful options will become available to the working platform consumers.
The objective would be to create a unique trade channel of cryptocurrencies for goods and vice versa. The worldwide marketplace without financial boundaries, intermediaries and bureaucratic difficulties. We will unite buyers and vendors of goods from around the globe to create a system that will bring ecommerce to a new degree. We think that within the not too distant future we can witness the transition of this world economy to cryptocurrencies managed by the Blockchain.

Token Sale: 16 April — 01 October
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