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Token sale completed on 30 October
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We will be the first ICO that seeks the alternative to traditional banking, we battle for the right of all. Lux Ant Digital gives back the ability to the people who have the Blockchain and Smart Contract technology. We work to reside, we don’t reside to work! Lux Ant Digital is created by a group of professionals with extensive experience in alternative investment strategies, by which we seek to improve day by day in lots of the operations already known and apply them inside new era of digitalization. Lux Ant Digital aims to attain each scale to offer traditional services and emerging banking products encompassing the environment of ones Blockchain era. Our trained infrastructure of experts expert in history management, we offer an array of solutions the more studied diversification and analyzed every information. The project is focused on the creation of a electronic banking using Blockchain technology to reduce costs in third-party services, smart contracts and our own amazing Trading Bot and a micro-loans social network.

Token Sale: 01 September — 30 October
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