Bitcoin -590.34
$23,215.00 -2.54291%
Ethereum -66.63
$1,705.58 -3.90677%
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Zcash 3.43
$80.45 4.2589%
Monero -8.79
$158.12 -5.55878%
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Token sale completed on 01 June
Goal: 29,775,600 USD
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Ammut Network (XAMM)

The AMMUT Ecosystem are built, designed and equipped to resolve work that require high computing energy including deep learning, mining, scientific calculations, CGI rendering, 3d rendering and it’s made of several equipment: AmCU (Ammut Computing Unit), a low-cost equipment platform, expert in the execution of tasks that require high computing power and made to especially and significantly enhance on all pre-existing versions in regards to profits and longevity as well as the Ammut community, composed of all the AmCU devices connected to the network. AmCU takes tasks from the network, built in the earning coefficient which was at first ready by the consumer, delivers the results to the Ammut Network, after which it receives the reward based on the earning coefficient as well as the time spent to solve the task.

Token Sale: 01 March — 01 June
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