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Amorito is a social dating platform focus on knowing new people all over the world. Think of us because the point of connection. Once you enter into the Amorito platform, it is possible to choose the length or the positioning you desire to meet new someone.If you swipe left, change to the next person and If you swipe to the best you show interest in that person and in case that person swipe appropriate, it ensures that a match was created using that individual and you may have the ability to communicate and have a deeper conversation. The platform offers three ways to communicate including chat, sound call, and video call. Any user do choose when they desire to receive reward in AMO tokens for minutes spoken in voice call and video call. Already sounds interesting? And that's only a few. the platform offers your the ability through Super Like option, to notify the person you wish to learn your are enthusiastic about, the Super Like price will be rewarded for that person. Compared to the rest for the platforms, all options is free, the sole costs will be rewards for other users.
Why are we different from other social sites?
Most Blockchain based Social Networks attempt to offer an incentive system for copyrighted content.By definition, our social netwoking is a system that allows people to communicate and make brand new acquaintaces or friends, that is why we have been trying to keep a social networking according to the rewards and not changing it into a freelancing or inventory image platform.
Amorito blend the functions of the most important socialization platform for knowing new someone, adding new items that may have a great affect winning genuine money and a huge step up assisting to build connections between people.
We think that decentralization could be the future of the Internet
The Amorito project expects to attain two objectives:
Create a community in which the connection between someone try as facile as it is possible
The majority of social platforms are founded on a centralized system,where the majority of the income it has as location mom company.The Amorito platform offers opportunities,such as a cryptocurrency reward system and destroys the amorous triangle created by the other platforms offering the 100% reward compared to a centralized system where rewards are between 0% -40%.

Token Sale: 01 March — 22 March
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