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Website Whitepaper

AMOS is a fitness tech solution, integrating distributed AI computing research and blockchain to create a brand new enjoy on activities and exercising.
a . Smart Sport Watch:
AMOS determines the calories burned by the user with smart sport view and motivates the consumer to exercise through token feedback. Moreover, the smart sport view records the health and sport condition of the consumer. The recorded information can be analyzed on AMOS app. Current athletics data is analyzed on the basis of the previous real condition, and a personalized classes plan to improve shape are proposed.
b . Smart Gym:
AMOS will establish several of smart gyms round the world. Through the cooperation with Strength Master Group, AMOS will apply years of expertise in R&D to equipment building needed for smart gym. Besides, it’s going to introduce recognition related to AI and big information to analyze the habits of users making use of exercise equipment, as well as allow AI coach teach users how exactly to properly make use of these sport equipment with the adjustment of workout posture and the feedback of strength therefore as in order to avoid the physical burden caused by improper workout.
c . Sport Intelligence Analysis:
Traditional athletics equipment or vehicles can collect people's health index, shape and exercise data through various sensors, but many devices cannot analyze information. AMOS will introduce artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to evaluate the info relationships of different forms of sport, and provide a scientific sport model through big data research platform, so that people can effectively enhance fitness and reduce the possibility of being injured. In addition, AMOS also introduces the AI system into the smart fitness center, permitting someone to workout an effective training course by AI without employing a coach.fundraising for some large-scale outdoor activities, or purchasing some expert sport courses with tokens.
d . Crowdfunding Platform:
AMOS is rolling out a sport-related
crowdfunding system on which people will pay through AMOS token. Users can conduct some crowdfunding tasks with this platform, such as donations for sport charity, sponsoring sport players from distant region, crowdfunding for game funds for players, crowdfunding for new sport concept goods, fundraising for some large-scale outdoor tasks, or purchase some professional athletics courses with

Token Sale: 01 December — 01 March
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