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Token sale completed on 15 January
Goal: Not set
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Providing a system that serves as an economic zone for cosplayers round the world.
We will provide various technology for the nearly 7,000 at this time registered cosplayers to acquire any necessary funds.Cosplay fans around globe can find a cosplayer they want in, and then, by using ACO, they can support that cosplayer by becoming their patron.Through this method, AMPLE! would be the system by which an economic zone for cosplayers will emerge.
Expanding the cosplayers reach throughout the world.
We will provide solutions that enable registered cosplayers to easily increase the go of their content throughout the globe. Fans round the globe should be able to considerably easily access facts about their favorite cosplayers, assisting to added the creation of numerous economic areas the cosplayers themselves.The cosplayers will become curators, launching numerous goods and content that can become purchased with ACO. Through this procedure, AMPLE! will strengthen its position as a platform for creating an economic area for cosplayers.
Turning “Cosplayer” into an occupation.
AMPLE! will provide comprehensive support to all of the cosplayers active in the platform. Utilizing funds procured for operation, we will actively work to raise the awareness and value of the cosplay business through any necessary means.
Through all the process presented here, AMPLE! will turn “cosplayer” into a profession.

Token Sale: 05 December — 15 January
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