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Angel Token (ANGL)

Token sale completed on 19 December
711,355 USD
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Angel Token (ANGL)

Angel Token is a "crypto incubator" for small-cap altcoins, permitting you to CREATE WEALTH as an "Angel Investor", instead than passively prepared for their investments to increase. Together we spend in overlooked and undervalued cryptocurrencies. We assist them develop and enhance their functionality, exposure and advertisements with our skilled team of designers, web-developers, programmers. Imagine having the proper to gauge the investment performance, expertise and communication of the Angel Token group, before committing all capital. Thanks to your revolutionary GUARANTEED INVESTOR REFUND investors is protected from ever risking over 20% of their investment until March 7th 2018. If you are unhappy with our performance you may get your investment back once again.

Token Sale: 27 November — 19 December
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