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$7,237.78 9.19673%
Ethereum 0.45
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Zcash -4.50
$92.05 -4.88985%
Monero -1.57
$93.31 -1.67828%
Tether 0.00
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Elite -0.00
$0.00 -11.86399%
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Ankorus (ANK)

Business Services
Token sale completed on 14 June
Goal: 3 000 000 USD

The advent of blockchain technology allows for the creation of asset-backed tokens, where each token can be pegged to the value of a corresponding security held in reserve. Blockchain technology additionally enables the transcending of older geographical barriers to entry. Tokens can be traded on the web from anywhere, quickly and cheaply, and can be sold as fractionalised assets, further lowering financial obstacles to entry. Ankorus will establish an online exchange populated by any financial assets presently available global. Various auditing measures will be used to establish transparency, and customers will have the ability to validate that tokenised assets are completely backed and held by Ankorus. Ankorus prioritises responsive consumer care as a core value.

Token Sale: 14 May — 14 June
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