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Token sale completed on 31 March
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Website Whitepaper

Our vision is to create a platform where someone from all around the globe can write their ideas and claim them without a middle-man such as a publisher. By combining the publication process and the writing platform, we seamlessly incorporate the two and create a new, appealing type of sharing tips. Our target audience are people who need their
own unique ideas and wish to promote it will other people round the world while protecting their legal rights, gaining potential mass-coverage and benefitting financially from payments, like organizations.
ANTIMASS token steps into the process of publishing, needing authors to spend ANTI tokens to claim rights of their post. Having authors spend a small fee to shield their writing solves a few problems. First, it permits the mining of ANTIMASS tokens, in which miners can run calculations, in turn, verifying that the contents is initial and not discover elsewhere on the web. Second, it prevents individuals from spamming our miners, falsely claiming rights of posts and bottlenecking our techniques. Third, it provides our token a functionality instead of just serving as a security of our platform, like that of an exchange.

Token Sale: 17 February — 31 March
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