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Token sale completed on 31 January
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Asteroid, Ltd. is constructing a decentralized database whereby non-public people, companies and nation states can register claims on mining rights to over 600,000 recognized asteroids in our close to celestial orbit utilizing a sensible contract and proprietary BlockClaim® mechanisms.
The system can be modelled after ICANN, a system acquainted to us all, whereby people who need to “claim” a web site handle apply for a selected web site and register their area. ICANN, a personal firm, acts because the registrar of the “website claim” and gives utilization of the area for a selected time period with a renewal protocol.
Asteroid, Ltd. will present providers that permit claimants to safe a declare to particular asteroids inside the database and act because the registrar for the claimant utilizing Asteroid’s proprietary BlockClaim® mechanism. Each particular person will lay a BlockClaim® to a selected asteroid and each a private and non-private ledger can be created on the Ethereum platform. This can be achieved by good contracts, protocol tokens, known as ASTR®, and a major dataset figuring out over 600,000 asteroids and roughly $700 Quintillion {dollars} of minerals. Each BlockClaim® will encompass a registration utilizing ASTR® Tokens and supply an immutable document of the mining declare.

Token Sale: 21 November — 31 January
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