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Atisios (ATIS)

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Token sale completed on 01 March
Goal: 1,230,120 USD
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The Atisios program aims at substituting to any or all current commitment programs to be able to let customers to have universal « loyalty’s guidelines », in the form of crypto money and biometric identification.
Customer retention is among the key management intent behind the client union :
– when it’s successful, it really is a significant benefit the client and a key factor of client commitment the team to make certain profits in the short, moderate and long term and a genuine and lasting competitive edge. In order to enhance client experience and also to help their involvement, a lot of brands and shops develop and offering many more innovative loyalty tools.
These programs remain, many of this time, individual, but not so democratic and increasingly more impossible for the client to identify the difference. With the advent of crypto currency, from
which recommendations can work with most areas, ensure it is possible to use « this virtual money » to build a universal and unique commitment program to ensure that customers and businesses can trade points within a peer-to-peer network on a decentralized facts technology system also known as block chain.

Token Sale: 01 December — 01 March
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