Bitcoin 665.64
$7,237.78 9.19673%
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Zcash 5.89
$61.73 9.54381%
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Token sale completed on 15 June
Goal: 5 000 000 USD
Augmate (MATE)

As an authentic Google Glass @ Work partner, Augmate ended up being initially created to serve the requirements of workers using wearable spectacles. There are many application developers for wearable glasses, but there were no unit management platforms for IT to centrally get a grip on all of the new devices coming onto their systems. Our CEO, Pete Wassell led the creation of an industrial-strength system that could make managing these devices simple and easy more complete for securing and provisioning them.
The basic premise of Augmate is always to allow control of multiple, disparate products effortlessly and effortlessly without compromising security in the info. It acts as a software layer that previously, resided on the devices just over the operating-system. Signed by the keys of these devices, the code allowed for practically complete control of this device from a web built portal.
Augmate is upgrading its infrastructure to leverage distributed ledger technologies to be able to refine data safety and put consumers back in charge of their own information. At its core, Augmate Connect will be a blockchain-agnostic platform, and may eventually integrate other private and public blockchain protocols bringing interoperability to unit management.

Token Sale: 15 December — 15 June
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