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Token sale completed on 06 March
20,000,000 USD
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BABB is short for for Bank Account Based on Blockchain. We desire to utilize blockchain technology to supply a bank account to anyone within the world, with built-in access to crowdsourced financial service. It is possible to considerably slice the price of banking and economic service to provide game-changing service and bring two billion people in to the international economy. We think this may be great for everybody.
The benefits of a decentralised style of banking don’t stop at economic inclusion. We can end high prices due to stagnant competition and information leaks due to bad security. We can furthermore result in the global economy less susceptible to shocks such as the 2008 financial crisis by decentralising your choice making. Banks is poor and vulnerable, set alongside the distributed strength and protection of a decentralised banking platform, in which each user are essentially their particular bank

Token Sale: 06 February — 06 March
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