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Monero -2.00
$64.79 -3.09434%
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$0.00 -11.86399%
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Big Bang (BBT)

Token sale completed on 10 November
Goal: Not set
Big Bang (BBT)

The Big Bang Platform is a decentralised application, network, loyalty program and repayment system that runs on the blockchain. It provides a complete solution for gamers and operators. For gamers, it functions as the ultimate loyalty regimen, with a cross-service commitment reward token, a social hub, exchange, and activity network. For operators, the BB Platform try a self-regulated platform to integrate games or services with, as well as fuctioning as a CSM and CRM. Through it, company insight is easily available, marketing efforts are empowered and a unified commitment program exists to increase gamer retention.

Token Sale: 10 October — 10 November
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