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Token sale completed on 10 June
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Bigbom Eco (BBO)

Bigbom Eco functions as a decentralized marketing ecosystem for all parties involved in on line advertising, inclusive of advertisers, service providers, content writers, advertising channels, platforms and much more. Bigbom Eco is developed with DApps technology in head, utilising the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum system. We are proud to state that all data linked through Bigbom Eco is clear, accurate, automated and immutable. Bigbom is area of the Bigbom Eco ecosystem.
Traditional marketing techniques have several drawbacks. One of those is the not enough trust between partners. Advertisers are scared their requirements won't be came across when they spend, while companies are afraid advertisers won't pay for finished solutions. Bigbom Eco provides a smart agreement solution that lets both events effortlessly trust one another. Additionally, BigBom's transactions is fast, cost-effective and clear.

Token Sale: 28 May — 10 June
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