Bitcoin -215.88
$20,092.00 -1.07447%
Ethereum -50.32
$1,094.17 -4.59882%
XRP 0.03
$0.43 6.39803%
Zcash -2.86
$56.62 -5.04653%
Monero 0.06
$118.62 0.04783%
Tether 0.00
$1.00 -0.06044%
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$0.00 21.53659%
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Token sale completed on 30 May
6,400,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

Binax was started in 2017 by a group of founders of worldwide blockchain alliance and it’s a real-time automatic trading platform providing clients with fiat – to – coin and coin – to – fiat trading pairs that try certainly one of the leading electronic resource trading platforms on the planet. Binax core team includes well-known financial and blockchain professionals from countries around the globe like India, Australia, UK, China, Korea, Russia, Indonesia,…
Binax functions in a sharing economy model with a diverse ecosystem, in that your Bin token are at the guts of the Binax ecosystem plus it try the only certified token with Binax’s electronic resource service platform.
Bin token is built on Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contract. The BIN token is the most essential element of the Binax ecosystem and it’ll exchange on popular trading platforms. container token supplies the holder have real profit participate in Binax system, worldwide operations and value transmission. All users can get the matching BIN reward from participating in the platform activity (new user registration, inviting friends, exploiting fees, distributing dividends, etc.). Users can’t only perform standard BIN pairs, but can furthermore possible to get dividends from revenue of the working platform in percentages corresponding to your quantity of blocked containers in each account according to regular statistics.
Binax expects all users to become partners and holders of this system. We will probably pay dividends to users who are able to create and accompany Binax.In in this manner, hopefully to attain something that may change the entire world and finish our mission “Make Your Life Better”.
“Binax is a opportunity to makes your life better, it is providing a safe and user-friendly environment on base on Sharing Economic Model.”

Token Sale: 15 March — 30 May
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