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Token sale completed on 21 February
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The imaginative and prescient of our crew –A Good well being a cheerful household. Following this slogan our crew has gathered all collectively for one frequent venture with a view to make our households wholesome and blissful in addition to contain all of the world to this consumption and contribute to the manufacturing of wholesome merchandise. BFC Factory Coin (BFC) is the first manufacturing unit with an excellent goal and ambitions to launch humanity from the vicious habits, reject consumption of sugar, to keep away from illnesses and improve the age of dwelling on the planet collectively constructing the first manufacturing unit based mostly on the curiosity and investments of personal folks, making use of an outstanding precept of functioning of the BlockChain know-how. BFC crew presents to You to take a component within the consumption of wholesome merchandise and take a possibility to make use of up to date improvements as effectively and contribute on to entire this venture serving to to unfold ICO (Initial Coin Offer) and sustaining it by investing to BCF coin forex. Being helped by ICO and BlockChain applied sciences Biofactorycoin LTD after Your investments will deal with Your well being by creating wholesome non dairy merchandise utilizing the alternate options similar to nuts, soya and seeds that are going to be more healthy and can enhance your well being, vitality, you’ll grow to be extra energetic and happier as effectively. All these meals supplies are packed stuffed with nutritional vitamins, minerals and useful plant chemical compounds in addition to proteins, wholesome fat and fibre. Thus consuming nuts and seeds is related to a lowered danger of coronary heart illness and Alzheimer’s, amongst different circumstances. The quantity of sugar is lower than the pure sugars present in cow’s milk, so it has fewer energy, however there’s additionally much less protein – 0.5g to the three.5g you’ll get in the identical quantity of cow’s milk. Protein, says Helen Bond, spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, “gives a feeling of fullness, it helps you to feel fuller for longer, and a lot of people are trying to get their protein intake up”. Dairy, she provides, “is a really great source of a readily available form of calcium, so you need to look for plant-based milk that is fortified with calcium, essential for maintaining bones as we get older”. By utilizing BlockChain know-how and contributing to our crew you should have chance to watch your investments and get the associated paperwork (to be updated about strategy of the venture). You will grow to be part of protected and dependable BlockChain know-how. We are going to supply not solely the wholesome merchandise and a wholesome future however BCF forex as effectively by being helped by Your improvements and BlockChain applied sciences. Invest to the first and get a revenue to you, your loved ones and atmosphere.

Token Sale: 07 December — 21 February
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