Bitcoin -313.13
$30,078.00 -1.04106%
Ethereum -26.05
$2,049.22 -1.27102%
XRP -0.01
$0.43 -1.27778%
Zcash 5.02
$111.48 4.50104%
Monero 3.78
$173.21 2.18005%
Tether 0.00
$1.00 -0.06044%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 21.53659%
Stellar 0.00
$0.67 -0.27109%
Token sale completed on 31 December
Goal: 731,010 USD
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BitCEO is an ERC-20 token that combines Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence. BitCEO runs on Zeniius, an AI-powered and Blockchain-integrated platform, which are available on iOS, Android and Web. It serves CEOs any place in the globe. Users can submit their business requests to a network of verified CEOs. Zeniius then brings that business need to the right solver with incredible speed and transparency. CEOs’ needs will be happy with minimal costs and zero stress. To perfectly accomplish that, all of us develops a reason system within Zeniius. When consumers successfully solve a business need, they receive rewards in two ways: BitCEO tokens, or Ability Cards.

Token Sale: 30 November — 31 December
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