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$51.81 -9.79143%
Monero -3.06
$89.18 -3.42625%
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Bither Platform (BTR)

Token sale completed on 28 June
Goal: 60 000 ETH
Bither Platform (BTR)

Bither Platform (BTR) is a Three-layer and multi-mining project that is a solution to the energy consumption problem in PoW mechanism, The first layer is a completely functional and protected layer with a reward system for the miners. The second layer is where different projects like sidechains is going to become added. Scientific and studies that is in need of assistance of computing energy, are going to rent their necessary hashing energy on the 3rd layer. Ability to reuse the computing power on the Bither platform generates a new source of earnings for the miners that is a great solution to help keep the mining profitable in downtrend and bear markets. One of the characteristics which makes Bither another venture comparing with other projects that help sidechains is the independence of sidechains when issuing transactions, in more phrase, sidechains don't need to make use of the primary layer's coins as a fee of this transaction, and they are able to make use of their own coins.

Token Sale: 20 April — 28 June
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