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Token sale completed on 30 June
Goal: 6,000,000 USD
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BitWings (BWN)

BitWings token, a native currency of Wings Mobile ecosystem, has 100percent guaranteed issuing benefits and could be the only methods to pre-order the very first (40 000) ultra-secure blockchain smartphones on earth capable generate around 2 ETH a thirty days without any power consumption, powered with neural technology.
Wings Mobile is a Spanish virtual mobile operator founded in 2007, concentrated regarding the growth of innovative software, smartphones and laptops. After less than a season into their home based business strategy, implemented in 2017, the organization gotten the ALCI HONOR for ‘Best Technological Design’ for their state-of-the-art smartphones that were created with a focus on innovation, security, and price.
The mobile interaction markets try evolving swiftly and has unstoppable momentum. Beyond the visitors of data through sound (calls) and information (with every one of the applications available for smart phones), cellphone is now the primary operational channel for financial activities as well as other exchanges of sensitive facts.
We believe your future is made on incorporating security protocols and tools into our products which will also facilitate seamless trades on crypto exchanges and enable crypto payments for goods and services.
The objective of Wings Mobile is always to produce devices that augment the security and privacy standards of gadgets without sacrificing the freedom to use all available applications.
We offer computer software options dedicated to the protection of people’ privacy and confidential data. Wings Mobile is integrating neural technology within its new X series products, employing security features unique to our proprietary technology, starting with our new Wings Minephone WX.
Through Wings Pay, we are implementing a revolutionary repayments platform for all crypto people whom need to buy goods and services using electronic currencies.
Wings Mobile is positioning itself as a leading worldwide company to just accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment within its whole ecosystem, underpinning our technical solutions and worldwide expansion regimen.

Token Sale: 01 May — 30 June
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