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Zcash -1.12
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Token sale completed on 30 September
Goal: 127,416 USD
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Through the BITX project, Bitex uses blockchain tech to restructure its FinTech services to supply monetizable insights based on smart agreements, thus to meet the urgent marketplace interest in the performance-based contents backend repayment. Both the achievements and track records of data, knowledge, data and content developed by consumers / producers will likely be immutably managed in a distributed storage. With Bitex’s AI engine for universal stochastic training, the purpose of providing the intelligent feed movement of the user, for an individual and by the user (OFBU) is achieved. The authenticity and completeness for the information can feel secured. The client-side AI technology can realize the decentralization of censorship and to safeguard an individual data privacy.

Token Sale: 31 July — 30 September
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