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Token sale completed on 01 June
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Block Bank (BBRT)

Block Bank's objective is to revolutionize the banking business to make credits more available and affordable even to the unbanked or under banked countries. Block Bank will act as a crypto funded decentralized funding platform. Designed to serve as a funding source focused on conference human specifications.
The Block Bank concept is 1st of its kind, a digital money system designed to provide individual needs rather than earnings alone. The platform will operate automatically on line opening low cost commercial products to previously unreachable areas.
Crypto Banks will end up being the basis of a brand new decentralized economy due to your expanding repayment opportunities, minimal fees, improved rate and enhanced security. We think banks tomorrow will search totally different from banks today and Block Bank are the main one that leads that change.
Block Bank is among the first global crypto banking institutions whom will provide services to meet the global need for decentralized commercial money.
The decentralized funding source provides financial services in line with International Legislation (Base III) digitally and right to commercial entities. Clients will reap the benefits of bespoke funding goods and low cost funding options, as well as International compliant banking and financial services. Clients will have a way to provide against acceptable assets besides as cryptocurrency.

Token Sale: 28 February — 01 June
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