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BOW APP is a Blockchain application that guarantees the traceability of luxury products for people. The BOW SOFTWARE is a B2B system for luxury companies specialized in the management of the provide string. Ultimately, our objective is to make sure the provenance of luxury merchandise. This function is useful both the purchase of new products and for used products.
We are now seeing significant growth in the second-hand market. The deluxe market can be affected by this motion, especially through specialized applications such as VideDressing, Vinted, etc. In combination with this trend, the counterfeit marketplace is drastically developing besides. This has a direct affect the economy of the deluxe sector. In France, seizures of counterfeits have by a multiple of 45 in under 20 years, now amounting to 8.9 million seized goods. This market today represents a shortfall of nearly 3 billion euros for France about luxury goods.
BOW reacts perfectly to this need, many thanks to the growth of a Blockchain entirely dedicated to the traceability of luxury goods. Consumers will have actually the chance to check the provenance of any article through the Blockchain tech, which are impervious to any modification. Companies should be able to prove the origin of the products by reassuring the consumer and using advantageous asset of the integrated platform.
With the developing of the software and the computer software, the Bow Token will feel launched. The cryptocurrency created by Bowtie Barber will let consumers to purchase luxury goods directly from the app and get access to various service. Supported by the SWAROVSKI House, we created the Bowtie Barber, a bow tie with the specialty of getting the shape of a mustache. Both elegant and offbeat, the Bowtie Barber will be in tune with nowadays's fashion and give you the working capital necessary for the utilization of the complete blockchain task.
The luxury market is consistently evolving, and constantly lookin for innovations to expand its products. The Bow Token, supported by the Bow app, and economically supported by the commercialization of the Bowtie Barber will stand out as a key payment method in the biggest companies in the wonderful world of deluxe.
An Initial Coin Offering had been defined as the more relevant way to attain our goals with regards to growth for this task. In addition to investing in a project that represents a significant market, the investor may have the main benefit of holding tokens that gives all holders a return on investment all the way to 10% of the profits generated on the sale of Bowtie Barber.
The funds raised will enable the developing of the BOW APP, the development of this Bowtie Barber production workshop as well as the establishment of an initial collection.
The ICO will consequently jointly allow us to produce the Bow application, BowToken, and Bowtie Barber, every one of these products working in perfect synergy.

Token Sale: 15 July — 15 October
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