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Goal: 204,337 USD
Website Whitepaper
Bulk Trader (BULK)

Bulk Trader is a Blockchain driven Online Marketplace Platform dedicated to B2B sales and services. Bulk Trader is a unique hyperlocal e-commerce platform with creative digital advertisements solutions for accredited vendors & buyers for merchandise in bulk.
Founded in 2018, Bulk Trader exists to connect manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers to retailers worldwide. As the B2B ecommerce sector keeps growing quickly, passing the $1 trillion mark in 2016, the team aims to serve an industry twice because big as B2C supporting an online selling change of higher purchase values.
Unique Selling Proposition
Our competitors is companies like Alibaba, Amazon and drop shipping websites including localised ecommerce sites like Ebay
These team possess a small fraction of listed suppliers in Africa and the world; therefore restricted in their potential go. There are no service to suppliers from these companies to countries like South Africa.
On the other side retailers neighborhood e-commerce sellers offer products 1 by 1 to consumer market requiring an increased profit margin selling items one by one. Therein lies the sweet spot we searching to fill, a one stop shop to offer products in bulk in your area and nationally, saving some time money while also stimulating the neighborhood and national economy.
This kind of market are not an easy task to build and therefore doesn’t exist in South Africa including numerous countries worldwide. For instance its difficult to get a provider for buying nappies in bulk locally, facts gets lost on the web and its difficult to decide which provider is good, shortage of shopping for risk indicators to determine which product to decide on and no indicator of previous volumes sold. This is a highly sort out product with limited choices available for retail or through suppliers and a fantastic exemplory case of the opportunity available out there.

Why Blockchain?
To market transparency
All products offered or returned or moved from one point towards other will be shifted a public clear blockchain
The reason for that is:
Smart agreements for company supply administration using our platform
Goods sent as remittance via donation organizations can feel verified to go from place to position when captured on the blockchain
As a decentralized community help building mechanism
Transparency: all products offered and moved on our platform may be seen by people all over the globe
Government supply opportunities through which there is an open and constant accounting of the flow of products.
These are are just some of the causes we have been deciding to be pro blockchain
Token use
Tokens can feel accustomed buy goods in the system, merchant marketing, vote for changes and updates, unlock benefits and savings, traded and can be staked for additional tokens. A small % of tokens will be minted on every transaction made on the system and these rewards is going to be shared aided by the different staking token holder networks.

Token Sale: 01 August — 31 December
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