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Burency (BUY)

Business Services, Cryptocurrency, Finance, Other, Platform, Trading & Investments
Token sale completed on 15 November
Goal: $20,000,000
Website Whitepaper

 Burency is a fully insured cryptocurrency market exchange that provides transparency, convenience, regulation to users and investors. Burency adopts blockchain technologies and smart contracts to facilitate global transactions. However, this ecosystem is designed to address the main problems preventing the widespread use of blockchain and is active for the use of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies in the Middle East. In addition to facilitating cryptocurrency trading, their goal is to keep first-time investors in the market like other experienced investors.
The Burency exchange facilitates fiat payment transactions from crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat and allows for credit card payment in the short term. This ecosystem contains 50 coins found in the Middle East that are the most in-demand. It also includes 50 coins selected by the votes of the customers, provided that they are covered by insurance. The Burency ecosystem has an ERC-20-based BUY token. This token is designed to allow users to operate in a secure and transparent environment as a solution to the problems faced by-products on existing encryption platforms.


The details of the Private Sale, Pre Sale and Public Sale are as follows:

Private Sale:
Private Sale Date: 01/10/2019 – 15/11/2019
Private Sale Price: $0.07
Private Sale Hard Cap: $7,000,000
Available for Private Sale: 100,000,000 BUY
Minimum purchase amount: $500

Pre Sale:
Pre Sale Date: Q4, 2019 – Q1, 2020
Pre Sale Price: $0.10
Pre Sale Hard Cap: $15,000,000
Available for Pre Sale: 150,000,000 BUY
Minimum Purchase Amount: $250

Public Sale:
Public Sale Date: Q1, 2020
Public Sale Price: $0.14
Public Sale Hard Cap: $28,000,000
Available for Public Sale: 200,000,000 BUY
Minimum Purbchase Amoubnt: $100

Token Sale: 01 October — 15 November
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