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Zcash -4.72
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Token sale completed on 27 April
38,000,000 USD
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CashBet provides the only complete, crypto-ready, mobile-first iGaming platform with an established, profitable presence in regulated gaming markets. Mobile gaming and cryptocurrency is two for the fastest growing, demand-driven markets inside world today. CashBet is merging these technology into an iGaming solution and issuing CashBet Coins to solve the problems dealing with crypto casino operators and players today: speed, trust, expense, and content. CashBet Coins will democratize access to world-class entertainment for those underserved by the central banking establishment. Our tokens could be the money of preference on CashBet-powered casinos, which are utilized by operators to cover licensing and content charges, and wagered by players on great games.

Token Sale: 20 March — 27 April
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