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Token sale completed on 22 July
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Cashwolf try a unique symbiosis of cashback/loyalty system and multi-level marketing distribution platform in which each user, regardless of whether he try a personal individual or a business, may become a promoter (compare Market Opportunity and Business Model) and gets a commission for the selling of his recruited users. Our eyesight is to create people, buyers, sellers and companies together in the Internet in an interactive way which has never ever been here before. Large and complex structures are broken up and simplified to ensure direct interaction between all users, reduces costs and combine all important fundamental requirements in one system – Cashwolf. Simple our goals is always to revolutionize the means consumption try sensed in the internet. To create such a big decentralized economic system in which each party gets anything back once again.
We build a decentralized web solution that can be as interesting as feasible for many individuals. The basic idea try to unite the best requirements of the participants on one system to offer each participant a financial- along with an information benefit. To accomplish this goal, we have actually already created a cashback / commitment program and a multi-level advertisements distribution platform. In which every interested user may become a promoter to receives a commission on the purchases of his referred buddies. This try followed closely by a marketplace, a social media platform, work and services/tender market and a wallet based on the Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract technology. Cashwolf having its tokens (WOLF) is more than simply a new cryptocurrency that functions as a possible repayment technique. Our goals is to remove disturbing middlemen and bring business lovers easy, fast and cost-efficient together. It try possible for every participant right from first to make money from Cashwolf and to influence the success of Cashwolf. Thanks to smart contracts, the repayment of goods and services isn’t only quicker but also significantly cheaper. In addition, the blockchain technology guarantees a complete history and try for that reason furthermore ideal as a tracking method.

Token Sale: 23 June — 22 July
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