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CenturyX (XXI) Logo

CenturyX (XXI)

Token sale completed on 18 March
Goal: 250 000 USD

CenturyX, also dubbed the 21st Century Exchange, seeks to successfully combine technological dependability and scalability, infrastructural comprehensiveness, transparency and highly secured trading system for Cryptocurrency users/traders. It’s within our interest to provide credible and high-quality services for people to be able to enhance their trading experience.
With the utilization of advanced features and robust technology CenturyX seeks to provide a more user friendly system with the best trading fees on the online. CenturyX try concerned not merely about providing a better and disruptive exchange platform but and also to augment the outreach of the user base in Cryptocurrency and also to extend a helping hand to less privileged communities.
We rely on Cryptocurrency and now we think this happens to be the most effective tool to date in years since can assist social intervention programs.
We offer:
50% Fee Discount
In addition towards low trading charges, our CenturyX (XXI) token holders with 1000XXwe in their wallet on our system will furthermore qualify for a 50per cent discount on fees.
CenturyX Vault (CV)
CV is a course created to reward XXI token holders in addition to the 50per cent discount on fees, another revenue source by receiving a component of the exchange’s day-to-day revenue based in the levels of XXI they hold.
CenturyX Empower
Empower is a fund which we will use to assist the less privileged. At the end of every quarter, we will buy back once again a part of the tokens with profits from the exchange till the total provide reaches 10 million. These is going to be locked in a separate CenturyX Empower wallet.
A residential district based voting system giving XXI holders a 60per cent voting energy will likely then be properly used to aid us in selecting a charity project(s) at the conclusion of each quarter to embark on. Our community gets involved here too.
As well as:
Transparency and highly secured trading platform
Provide legitimate and top-quality service for users
Provide a more user-friendly trading platform
Increase the outreach of the user base in Cryptocurrency

Token Sale: 04 February — 18 March
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