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Ethereum -7.11
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Token sale completed on 24 June
Goal: 5 000 000 USD

charitySPACE is a full-featured internet platform considering blockchain technology. It try a system built on the Ethereum platform smart contract, by which fundraisings of that currency are organized, nearly all which is donated to charities, orphanages, hospitals as well as other charitable businesses that care about the welfare of others. In return for participation in the fundraising, a participant takes part in the prize draw. The first stage of the project takes account of intangible honors in other words. ETH and BTC pools. The next stage is the inclusion of material objects like electronics or motorcycles and cars.
The Internet platform (and the mobile application) charitySPACE organizes charity fundraising and other charity events. One collection is characterized by length (e.g., seven days from the start for the collection) and the limit for the minimum levels (soft cap) to be gathered. Once the minimum collection levels has become exceeded, the system will gather the donated funds and by the end of the duration (for instance, at the end of the seventh day of raising) it’ll draw a winner from the donors.
Once the collection duration has elapsed and the soft cap try reached, the champion will be drawn. The prize is automatically moved to Blockchain's address for the drawn person. The remaining funds is utilized in the charitySPACE account. This levels (after ablation of own commission) will be exchanged into the FIAT money and publicly moved to a charity. All costs from the stock exchange, taxes, and a potential turnover within Blockchain ETH/BTC are the concern of the charitySPACE.

Token Sale: 14 May — 24 June
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