Bitcoin 2.05
$10,716.50 0.01916%
Ethereum 4.96
$352.12 1.40771%
XRP 0.01
$0.24 4.81379%
Zcash 0.26
$54.96 0.47689%
Monero 1.75
$93.57 1.86709%
Tether 0.00
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Token sale completed on 31 December
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Cinemadrom (LUT)

Cinemadrom this are a mix of many individuals and areas of activity in one ecosystem. For filmmakers that is Hollywood online.
For investors, these is new technology. For the crypto community, that is a brand new blockchain technology, a brand new coin for mining, trading, transfers. For freelancers, these is new jobs. And for the readers, they are brand new film records and television programs with additional new advantages.
Our biggest goal – it are to create a newer, developed, and separate system for the globe movie business, in which every film will pay off, and each second will bring profit to its creators and investors! To attain this goal is developed – PLATFORM FOR FUNDING, PRODUCTION AND CIRCULATION OF CINEMA PROJECTS – BASED ON BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY.
Users CINEMADROM this: Authors, Investors, Producers, Film directors, spectators, Advirtisers, Partners, Freelancers, Actors, Traers, Miners, Users Blockchain Industry.
For the effective execution of the program of funding, manufacturing and distribution of individual projects – has been created a unique ecosystem and structure built on bolokchain tech. All enterprises are connected in a single blockchain network, and automatically interact with one another.

• The main management company IBNIF.
• a community of IBNIF international workplaces in regions of the world.
• IBNIF Full Cycle Film Studio.
• Film agency on selecting actors, specialists, gear.
• Distribution company IBNIF.
• Streaming service IBNIF.
• IBNIF Online Film Market.
• The social network of filmmakers IBNIF.
• We lessen the threshold for entry into the production of movies movies to $ 100.
• The opportunity for a short time, to gather the budget the production of the film.
• Transparent system of accounting and calculations in the film industry.
• The new effective standard of contractual relations according to Smart Contracts.
• Effective insurance coverage system for film projects.
• An effective complex blockchain system for handling the life cycle of a film venture.
• Three choices, the production of movie project.
• Guaranteed distribution, for completed film.
• This is a personal multi-currency wallet integrated into user account.
• Cinemadrom combined three algorithms of mining PoW / PoS / cooking pot.
All users of the working platform and participants for the cinema venture – (investors, writers, manufacturers, actors, spectators, cinema groups, partners), we offer a program for earning cryptocurrency and fiat money.

Token Sale: 30 May — 31 December
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