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Token sale completed on 05 January
Goal: 4 000 ETH

Clarity is THE global business advisory system for little companies.
What is Clarity?
Using the energy of both synthetic intelligence and blockchain, Clarity will permit the 163 million small businesses around the globe to bring back control of their information, powering growth and success.
Our platform may help them understand their numbers, steps to make best decisions, develop a better business and access the cash, finance and investment they desperately need.
Our vision try huge and now we want the Clarity system to become the one-stop shop for company owners worldwide. A platform where, as well as the core features we’re building, they can access a complete number of business services.
We think your Clarity token will end up being the token of preference for Small Business around the world.
Features :
For little business
We want Clarity to be the one-stop store for company holders global, putting them in control of their information. An all-encompassing platform that assists them comprehend their numbers, how to accomplish better and in which they rank with their competitors. Core qualities have file sharing, quick access to financing and 3rd party verification making use of the blockchain. It will even contain details on insurance, finance, human resources and standard running procedures. To accomplish that objective, we decided to partner with industry leading companies.

Token Sale: 03 November — 05 January
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