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The ClinicAll ecosystem combines all types of health related services into one well-integrated pc software system, allowing the global digitalization of healthcare-related services and the modernization of hospitals. With its unique pc software system, ClinicAll improves the workflow for healthcare givers by reducing the administrative work in hospitals, simplifies the interaction between patients and doctors and enhances treatment quality for the patients. The new ClinicAll Health Community project is intended to render easier and quicker access to healthcare-related services and products to anyone.
Industry problem and solution
ClinicAll intends to create added value in healthcare solutions for each and every person, both in medical center environments along with beyond hospitals or medical centers.
Hospitals need very long relied on traditional IT networks and facts systems. But these tend to be older stand-alone solutions that lack the quantity of integration and connectivity that are recommended for state-of-the-art digital hospital operations. Today, hospitals are still using outdated analogue, paper-base management and most of their older digital information techniques are inefficient.
ClinicAll developed a specialized software solution that allows patients, doctors and staff to communicate and share information and information within any hospital. ClinicAll either furthermore provides proprietary equipment equipment for hospitals that is setup at the patient’s bedside, in other words., directly at point of care. In addition, all IT equipment that doctors or staff use also runs similar software.
The newest development is the ClinicAll Mobile App which premiered in 2018. For the first time, every type of healthcare-related solutions are now seamlessly integrated into one platform, accessible worldwide via the Mobile App.
Through this Mobile App, ClinicAll will carry on its mission by supplying healthcare associated solutions and products on a worldwide basis – beyond the confines of a clinical environment. To achieve this, the CHC ClinicAll Health Community will be developed. As an associate of this CHC, you will need full access to ClinicAll services as well as to all or any offerings of participating CHC service services and item partners.
The ClinicAll Token (CHT) takes advantage of the already existing ClinicAll infrastructure and pc software solutions, and supports the growing relationships with hospitals because well as product and provider providers all over the world.

Token Sale: 20 March — 31 December
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