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Coinchase Public Sale (CCH) Logo

Coinchase Public Sale (CCH)

Token sale completed on 26 May
Goal: 107,108 USD
Website Whitepaper
Coinchase Public Sale (CCH)

Coinchase is a Community-based Cryptocurrency Financial Services Network.
It is a new generation of financial services network. As traditional finance has lost its vitality, the emerging and fast-growing blockchain industry brings quick development in this sector and high returns to users. Coinchase is based on cryptocurrency: it aims to build a community-based financial network composed by individuals. Individuals are both creators and beneficiaries of the network. Coinchase acts as the organizer and service developer of its community.
Coinchase's financial service include:
Coinchase selects projects with a higher likelihood of triumph through a selective, rigorous and strict due diligence process to offer people investment opportunities.
For the users, Coinchase presents all of project parties' main data, including static information of project parties, as well as dynamic ones such as social media updates, community activity status, big data aggregation regarding the projects’ search volume etc.. Moreover, Coinchase provides in depth communication between its community and projects, hence users are able to gain a holistic understanding of all project in all dimensions. Meanwhile, users are able to take part in multiple projects’ Public Sales after they get through Know Your Customer (KYC), saving time and cost to undertaking events.
Users can conserve different cryptocurrencies such as an such like, BTC, USDT, and CCH on Coinchase to get comes back in accordance with savings terms.
Users can lend a certain percentage of USDT for use by tying the cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, CCH towards system or to other platform users.
Coinchase produces cryptocurrencies trading service.
When the sell ends and ahead of the token is exchange listed. Coinchase provides this service to users to trade their tokens on their system. This allows unlisted currencies to need liquidity.
Coinchase will aggregate and endorse different cryptocurrencies news, reports, prompt information, etc. that users are interested in.
Users can take part in the discussion about various project on Coinchase, follow more users, and find the content they is interested in.
Coinchase Features
Secure and Trusted
We store the vast majority of cryptocurrencies in protected offline storage. All investment is fully insured. Security are our number one concern.
Great Rates, Great Benefits
Coinchase offers great prices and great benefits to users through mortgage loans, quantitative trading, chosen investment, and profit sharing from Coinchase’s internet site.
Complete Risk Control
We maintain strong danger management, strong compliance with laws, and excellent operational controls.
0 Fees
No annual, transaction as well as other account fees. Fee free, for real.
Coinchase Token (CCH)
Coinchase Token (CCH) represents Proof-of-Usage and Proof-of-Stake of the Coinchase network.
CCH is the token given by Coinchase. The total provide of CCH tokens are 10 billion.
CCH Utility
Coinchase Token (CCH) Represents Proof-of-Usage (PoU) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) of the Coinchase Network. CCH enables you to:
Become an associate;
As transaction cost;
Community repayment.
The allocation of CCH is measured by the quantity of contribution each user makes to the Coinchase network. CCH rewards are available for effective activities at Coinchase and for contributing to the Coinchase network. 51per cent of the total provide of CCH will be employed to reward people who contribute towards Coinchase network. Effective activities include: welcoming friends to join the Coinchase community, participating in Coinchase's investment activities, participating in Coinchase's deposit activities, playing Coinchase's lending activities, and contributing top-quality analytical articles.
The people of Coinchase Network have the best to earn CCH tokens. Coinchase allocates 51per cent for the total supply of CCH individuals holders of CCH. Coinchase distributes 51% of its total supply among CCH holders in proportion to the quantity of CCHs owned by them. For example, in a certain allocation duration, Coinchase's income to be distributed is 100BTC+200ETH, and a person holds 2% of the total CCH in circulation. Then, inside allocation period, that consumer should receive 2BTC+4ETH.
Competitive Advantages of Coinchase:
1)’Break and Return‘ Insurance : In order to shield individuals in bear markets, Coinchase really stands by the users' side and asks project events to take part in ‘Break and Return' insurance: If the typical cost of project's token falls below Public Sale price on the first 48 hours for the first trade listing, users can select to be refunded by Coinchase.
2)The 200% Incentive: Coinchase allocated 51% of the full total availability of CCH tokens to incentivize its people to take part in sell actively. Coinchase will charge project parties 5per cent for the total levels raised during their Public Sale. Then, Coinchase will increase that number (the 5% cost) and promote it among the project’s Public Sale participants in the shape of CCH tokes, percentage-wise according to their contribution towards project.
3)C2C Trading:Coinchase’s C2C Trading is made to improve the liquidity of tokens which were transacted on their platform. Before the tokens is listed on the exchange, users can trade them freely through Coinchase’s C2C Trading feature.
Coinchase's goals is to let users reach a consensus with high-quality blockchain projects. Consensus is the core spirit for the token ecosystem. The introduction of C2C Trading will significantly improve the tokens’ liquidity, thus attracting more individuals to join the ecosystem. Expanding the project's opinion will eventually lead to an increase in the value for the project’s tokens.

Token Sale: 26 November — 26 May
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