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Monero 8.82
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Coinstocks (IOX)

Token sale completed on 14 June
50,000 USD 929,899 USD 5%
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Coinstocks (IOX)

Coinstocks, LLC has established a US based cryptocurrency platform that may allow for any level of investor, trader, or crypto money enthusiast to try their hand at increasing their cryptocurrency portfolios. Our system has a simple to use interface, is designed become highly scalable, try built upon trusted technology, is safe, has powerful pairing of cryptocurrency transactions, holds low transaction fees, specializes in alternative coin transfers, and has a voting system which will allow its user base to straight influence which cryptocurrencies become designed for trading. Additionally, Coinstocks is highly clear to its user base and contains 24/7 support among the top priorities for managing issues, as long as they arise (an area that has become lacking with most of the larger exchanges).

Token Sale: 15 March — 14 June
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