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Token sale completed on 10 October
Goal: 1,748,644 USD
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Conventment is an IoT-based protection and logistics system built for the appropriate cannabis business. Utilizing advanced technology like Ethereum, Python, and IoT middleware, Conventment aims to become the 'Internet of Cannabis Logistics' by connecting businesses in the legal cannabis industry. Businesses utilizing Conventment are a member of the Conventment Distributed Ledger Alliance (DLA) Center which allows inventory details and live B2B communications. Businesses and company can interact with the other person, request products, form contracts, share tips, discuss services and more. With goods being linked to low-cost RFID or NFCtags, inventory can feel continuously up-to-date in real-time. Aside from basic stock, shipments will also be monitored inside DLA Center which may be used to eliminate supply and loss prevention problems.

Token Sale: 30 September — 10 October
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