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Cosmecoin (COSX)

Health Care
Token sale completed on 10 November
Goal: 2,216,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

iConsult Software Ltd. has developed a reward built ERC20 token called Cosmecoin (COSX), which will run using the Ethereum Blockchain, for used in the Cosmetic and Medical Aesthetic sector. COSX try a loyalty built reward token which utilises smart contract technology and which can be redeemed for treatments and products in exchange for highly respected customer feedback forming a verified peer feedback database.
The goal of the iConsult token purchase is always to transform iConsult’s business into a decentralized token-based trustworthy ecosystem which will permit and promote better care for people, whilst rewarding professionals with further possibilities by virtue of patient feedback and ratings. COSX will reward and encourage best training behaviours and the adoption of our core values and is supposed to change the way in which the consumer engages with cosmetic operation and aesthetic treatments the better. Specifically, the feedback and rating system, alongside the requirement for interaction between customer and practitioner, should increase the trust between both events and ensures a clearly defined and compliant pathway for treatment, therefore reducing complaints and possible future litigation.

Token Sale: 10 May — 10 November
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