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CoTrader (COT)

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Token sale completed on 14 February
1,000,000 USD 700,000 USD 142%
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CoTrader aims to become the world’s largest investment funds and trading market by democratizing, decentralizing, and disrupting the archaic and opaque $85 trillion global funds and trading industries with the transparency, security, and power of the blockchain. CoTrader’s MVP already supports cryptos and ICO futures, live and onchain regarding the testnet.

The problem is that purchasing cryptos and ICOs can be extremely complicated and frustrating. Most people lack the full time and resources to do it precisely, and alternatively may even lose money in bull markets on bad tasks with emotional or hasty trading. Investors are overloaded by the 1000s of cryptos and ongoing ICO projects. Even spending 24 hours per day wouldn’t be enough time for seasoned investors with deep technical, investing and more expertise to precisely gauge the entire crypto market.

CoTrader solves the complexity problems of investing, you start with cryptos, ICOs and ICO presales. CoTrader for that reason supports any tokenized assets like real-estate, cars, etc, that more tasks are tokenizing. CoTrader may also help non tokenized assets via automated tokenization of all tradable assets like stocks, options as well as other derivatives, while providing transparency, security and proof of ROI, powered by the blockchain.

Token Sale: 06 February — 14 February
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