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Ethereum -76.40
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Zcash 3.32
$80.16 4.14188%
Monero -8.62
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Token sale completed on 09 May
Goal: 4,000,000 USD
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CoVEX is a blockchain-based monetary ecosystem of FinTech services. The primary objective of CoVEX would be to start meaningful adjustment within the crypto markets to allow a wide array of non-technical users also use the great potentials your cryptosystems is offering. This goal try being attained by an all-in-one and user-friendly trading platform that includes Crypto-exchange, Social/Copy trading, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Loan, Margin Trading, Payment Gateway and Prepaid Card Services. The utilization of the CoVEX’s platform—the CoVEX Exchange—began in July 2017. We are primed to be a multi-functional platform—serving as a Crypto-exchange, Social/Copy Trading, P2P Loan, Margin Trading, Payment Gateway and Prepaid Card Services— once the business’s ultimate task is finalised in March 2020. We have actually all the requisites to thrive and become an industry leader among many players in the crypto community because of our in-depth strategic planning and dedicated and creative founding team. We have assembled Blockchain Developers, Cryptographers, System Analysts and Database Developers with years of experiences and proven track record in implementing relevant platforms. The foundation of our platform’s development is based on knowledge our users and addressing their issues with utmost priority. The next phase of the platform’s development try the launch of a self-sustainable CoVEX Token to incentivise our users. The CoVEX Token—which is going to be applied on Ethereum Blockchain underneath the ERC223 standards—will behave as a revenue-generating cryptocurrency. It will enable the token holders to receive revenue in the shape of transaction fees.

Token Sale: 22 March — 09 May
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