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Token sale completed on 30 April
Goal: 4,000,000 USD
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CRUZEO try a decentralized ridesharing application protocol constructed on the NEO blockchain and Ontology network. We aim to revolutionize the ridesharing industry by placing benefits, data, and control back once again into the hands of this users who earn it. Through the use of digital identities and smart agreements, CRUZEO will undercut the ridesharing industry by applying a 0% commission platform, so that drivers can earn more while riders enjoy cheaper costs. Additionally, we strive to create the planet's safest ridesharing system by leveraging the Ontology community to verify driver documents, like vehicle services history, insurance, nationwide identification with zero-knowledge proofs included in the multi-source electronic identification framework. We give people total control of their information, guaranteed by a system that implements user control as an inherent part. We implement a trustless community-based arbitration model, incentivizing collaboration inside the community and improving the quality of this consumer base. Our application implements a real sharing economy, a distributed application on the blockchain where users get together to create and share wealth efficiently and equitably.

Token Sale: 01 April — 30 April
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