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Token sale completed on 24 September
655,877 USD 20,000,000 USD 3%
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CRYPTICS try focused on provide connections between investors (private besides as expert), traders and the academic community (incl. developers and miners). Core of their forecasting motor is the CRYPTICS algorithm that is concentrated on predicting alterations in value of diverse cryptocurrencies (like the ICO tokens), both regarding the fiat currencies and among one another. Due to the actual fact, that cryptocurrency markets are very new, the factors influencing the pricing is manifold. CRYPTICS algorithm takes the plentitude of the factors into account. Deep Learning AI predicts the cryptocurrency prices with 70%+ accuracy. Our crawlers gather information from 100,000+ social media marketing sources, 400+ technical indicators and numbers is rising, so our forecasts is because objective as you possibly can. CRYPTICS will build a whole ecosystem powered by Ethereum smart contracts. Traders will gain leverage, investors will find asset supervisors and data scientists increase their expertise.

Token Sale: 27 August — 24 September
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