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CryptoCasher (CRR)

Token sale completed on 02 March
23,341 USD 1,650,000 USD 1%
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CryptoCasher is a safe peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace for cryptocurrency to be transformed into cash and vice versa, supported by escrow. How it works: install the CryptoCasher application on their mobile phone; your can easily add your buy/sell aim in the map become visually noticeable to other traders and to help you discover buyers or sellers nearby. After the purchase price and also the escrow of this transaction have become accepted by both parties, the client will simply must come to your escrow. The escrow will scan his transaction QR rule and money in. The cryptocurrency the customer has purchased will immediately be circulated by escrow to the buyer's wallet. In no time, the seller will get a notice that his money is ready for pick-up. Therefore, it is real person-to-person trading without the seller and customer having to meet each other.

Token Sale: 02 November — 02 March
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