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Cryptosolartech (CST)

Token sale completed on 16 July
65,271,130 USD 73,500,000 USD 88%
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Cryptosolartech (CST)

CryptoSolarTech solves numerous problems in all-in-one offering: Solar sector development, Miner KPI’s as power expenses, structuring projects most transparent, feasible, descentralized, protected, with less costs, and traceable deals from start to the end towards company asset-backed. Cryptosolartech will mine our cryptocurrencies, in a farm with 3.000 equipments founded on profitability optimization and market opportunities principles. Cryptosolartech supply indirectly the miner farm the power created by a few photovoltaic plants, installed in Spain. Furthermore, we handle our miner farm and supply renting services to the token holders.

Token Sale: 01 May — 16 July
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