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CyberLottery (LOT)

Token sale completed on 04 January
44,013 USD 51,417 USD 85%
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CyberLottery (LOT)

CyberLottery is a Real Fortune! Our Lottery Games are available and decentralized. All winnings data will be stored on the Blockchain and can’t be falsified or changed. Therefore, all the Lottery Games are since transparent as possible. All lotteries is going to be managed by the Smart Contract. CyberLottery's Smart Contract will automatically figure out the winners and transfer the reward to the wallets indicated by them. In CyberLottery the winners for one Game is going to be a lot more than in real life. Winnings is going to be larger too. Draws can be looked at in genuine time on our website or later to learn the outcome.
Blockchain will create the Lottery World far better!

Token Sale: 11 December — 04 January
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